§ 1

1. Kompleks ścieżek rowerowych MTB TRAILS MIELEC w Mielcu (dalej zwany Kompleksem) zlokalizowany na obszarze lasów Skarbu Państwa w zarządzie Państwowego Gospodarstwa Leśnego Lasy Państwowe Nadleśnictwa Mielec i Nadleśnictwa Tuszyma, oraz administrowany jest przez Stowarzyszenie CHODŹMY NA ROWERAssociation hereinafter referred to as the Administrator.
2. The complex regulations, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations, specify the rules and manner of use of the Complex and its facilities, and the area in which it is situated.
3. All users of the Complex are obliged to familiarise themselves with these Regulations and to comply at all times with the provisions set out in them.

§ 2

1. The Complex is open to the public and is intended for tourist and recreational use. There is no charge for using the trails.
2. Cyclists have the priority to use the trails.
3. It is forbidden to use motor vehicles, mopeds and similar means of transport on the trails.
4. The Complex and/or segments of the Complex may be periodically closed in situations such as: degradation or significant damage to the tree stands, degradation of the undergrowth, a high risk of forest fire, forest inspectorate activities related to forest protection or timber harvesting.
5. If any of the situations indicated above occur, the Administrator will mark the segments with the sign "Zakaz Wstępu" (No Entry). The Administrator may prohibit the use of the Complex if damage of the trails occur.
6. People using the Complex should adhere to the restrictions introduced by the Administrator or the Forest Manager.
7. The Administrator and the Forest Manager are not responsible for any accidents and events resulting from not adhering to the provisions of these Regulations.
8. In matters not regulated in these Regulations, the instructions of the Administrator and the Forest Manager should be followed.


It should be remembered that there may be natural obstacles on the routes/segments occurring without the knowledge of the Forest Manager / Administrator, such as: scraps, overturns, landslides, broken boughs, etc. Moreover, trees trunks and broken boughs may fall onto the trails, especially during windy weather and in the period of ice rime.


§ 3

1. The Complex is cross-country (off-road) and the segments do not have any special amenities/features increasing safety, therefore special care should be taken on them, especially when riding an unknown section for the first time.
2. The user of the Complex may be any person, provided that they use a proper bicycle intended for off-road riding and use an approved/certified helmet. Moreover, the user deciding to use the Complex do so at his/her own risk and responsibility.


Practicing cycling sports requires caution, physical predispositions and appropriate skills. Inevitable falls can have unpredictable health consequences, leading to permanent damage to health and even loss of life. Anyone who consciously decides to use the bicycle singletracks on the premises of the Complex does so at their own risk and responsibility.


3. Adult Users use the Complex on their own responsibility.
4. Minor users use the Complex only and exclusively under the care of parents (legal guardians) or with their consent.
5. Parents (legal guardians), organizers of competitions, rallies and trips are responsible for the safety of their children or children under their care. Parents (legal guardians), organizers of bicycle events are required to read these Regulations.
6. It is recommended that Users using the complex conclude an accident insurance and civil liability insurance agreement, which include sports.

§ 4

1. Before riding a given segment/trail, it is recommended to familiarise yourself with its course by viewing it on the map and in the field. When viewing it in the field, it is absolutely necessary to be careful and not to disturb the use of the segment by people who ride it.
2. In the Complex and in the forest the following actions are forbidden:

    • 1) polluting soil and water,
    • 2) littering,
    • 3) digging up the soil,
    • 4) damaging or destroying fungi and mycelium,
    • 5) destroying or damaging trees, shrubs or other plants,
    • 6) destroying or damaging economic and tourist facilities or objects, as well as signs and boards,
    • 7) collecting undergrowth fruits in areas marked as forbidden,
    • 8) spreading and collecting undergrowth bedding,
    • 9) camping outside the places designated by the forest manager,
    • 10) selecting eggs and chicks, destroying bird breeding grounds and nests, as well as destroying lairs, burrows and anthills,
    • 11) scaring, chasing, capturing and killing wild animals,
    • 12) releasing dogs loose,
    • 13) making noise and using sound signals, except for cases requiring the sounding of an alarm.

3. The user should use the Complex in accordance with his skills and the designated direction of travel.
4. The User should keep a safe distance from the User riding in front of him.
5. It is obligatory to pay attention to other Users of the Complex and behave in a way that does not pose a threat to other Users and yourself.
6. The User should adjust the riding speed to the degree of difficulty of the segment, his/her skills and the number of Users on the segment.
7. The user should be extremely careful while driving on wet or unstable surfaces.
8. When riding a section/segment, it is forbidden to stop, except in designated areas or other places appropriately visible from a distance.
9. The User of the Complex should take into account all circumstances that may affect his/her safety, in particular:

  • 1) health, condition, well-being while using the Complex,
  • 2) weather conditions,
  • 3) the condition of the surface of the trails,
  • 4) icing and ice rime,
  • 5) topography,
  • 6) vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

10. The User coming from the right has the right of way at crossroads, except for cases where the yield sign provides otherwise.
11. The User, when approaching the intersection, should slow down and make sure that there is no other User of the Complex coming from the right side.
12. At the intersection of the sections of the Complex with forest roads, give way to vehicles traveling on the roads.

§ 5

1. Users themselves are responsible for any accidents on the segments of the Complex.
2. In the event of an accident, each of the Users in the vicinity should help the injured person.
3. Users of the Complex are financially responsible for destruction or damage to the elements of the Complex.

§ 6

1. There may be branches and boughs (broken by the wind) and fallen trees on the route. In case of encountering this type of danger, remove the obstacles from the route or report this fact to the Forest Manager and / or Administrator. Telephone number: +48 669 324 889.
2. If any damage to the facilities in the Complex is noticed, this fact should be immediately reported to the Forest Administrator and / or Administrator. Telephone number: +48 669 324 889.
3. Report any fires to the numbers: 112 or 998.

§ 7

1. The following things are strictly forbidden:

  • 1) bringing and consuming alcoholic beverages and intoxicants,
  • 2) admission of people whose behaviour indicates the consumption of alcohol or intoxicants,
  • 3) leading dogs without a leash,
  • 4) modifying and reconstructing of the singletrack elements,
  • 5) destroying facilities or objects of the infrastructure of the Complex,
  • 6) destroying nature,
  • 7) littering,
  • 8) starting a fire, smoking cigarettes,
  • 9) riding in the opposite direction to the designated one,
  • 10) riding your bicycle off the designated route.

2. It is forbidden to use the Complex in situations threatening the safety of Users. Situations threatening the safety of Users should be understood as:

  • 1) strong wind,
  • 2) heavy rainfalls, more than 0.50 cm of water per hour, lasting more than 24 hours,
  • 3) hailstorms,
  • 4) thunderstorms,
  • 5) forestry works carried out in the immediate vicinity of bicycle routes,
  • 6) prohibitions from entering the forest,
  • 7) dusk,
  • 8) other dangers that may cause an accident.

3. Avoid using the Complex in the event of sudden weather events (storms, gusty winds, etc.).
4. The Administrator and the forest manager are not responsible for damages resulting from the occurrence of this type of natural weather phenomena.

§ 8

1. The symbol of a single arrow on the plate indicates the direction of trails.
2. The color of the arrows indicates the difficulty of a given segment:

  • 1) blue-easy,
  • 2) red-difficult,
  • 3) black-very hard.

3. The symbol of a double arrow indicates a two-way segment.
4. The symbol of a tent indicates a stopping point on the route.
5. The symbol of a tent with an arrow next to it indicates the direction to the stopping point.
6. The number on the plate indicates the sequence of signs on the route.
7. The exclamation point indicates a place where you should be especially careful.
8. "No Entry" sign (zakaz wjazdu) prohibits moving in the opposite direction to the direction of trails.
9. The User must comply with the warning signs.

§ 9

1. Neither The Administrator nor the Forest Manager are liable towards Users for any damage suffered by Users during the use of the Complex, including falls, collisions and other hazardous events within the Complex.
2. The Administrator and the Forest Manager are not responsible to the Users of the Complex for lost, stolen or damaged items on the premises of the Complex.
3. Users undertake to comply with the provisions of the Complex Regulations as well as orders of security services appointed by the Administrator and public order services, and to behave in accordance with the principles of social coexistence, maintaining high standards of personal culture and in accordance with the principle of fair play.
4. Users of the Complex waive the right to claim damages or other claims against the Administrator or the Forest Manager for any damage suffered during the use of the Complex. Thus, the Administrator or the Forest Administrator and all persons cooperating with them are not liable to the Users of the Complex for personal, material and property damages that occur while using the Complex.

§ 10

1. The Complex Administrator and the Forest Manager have the right to use, free of charge, all recordings, interviews, photos with the participation of the Users of the Complex and to publish in the mass media the results of any competitions taking place within the Complex.
2. Each and every person or institution wishing to commercially use the Complex is obliged to inform other Users of the Complex about this fact by posting clear, warning information about the activities carried out in the Complex. The information should be clearly visible for all the Users at location of the activities.
3. During the events organized on the premises of the Complex, the rules of these Regulations and the rules of the Regulations of the event organizer apply.


1. Users of the MTB TRAILS MIELEC Complex should comply with the trail marking and the following regulations:

  • 1) Forest Act,
  • 2) Nature Conservation Act,
  • 3) Forest Fire Protection Act,
  • 4) road traffic laws and regulations
  • 5) Hunting Law Act.

2. Entering the Complex by the User means automatically accepting the Regulations. These Regulations will be displayed in visible places near the routes.
3. Ignorance of these Regulations, due to universal access to them, cannot be considered as a reason for the Users of the Complex to bring any claims against the Administrator.


Adminstator Manager